Not my problem

From “The Daily Stoic“. 26 February, “To each his own”.

Another has done me wrong? Let him see to it. He has his own tendencies, and his own affairs. What I have now is what the common nature willed, and what I endeavour to accomplish now is what my nature wills. (Marcus Aurelius)


I think I’ve been wronged, he thinks he’s treated me fairly. All of us have our own viewpoints. Right and wrong are not universally right and wrong. They’re only right or wrong from my personal viewpoint.

What I have is what I have. Shit happens, but it’s only shit because I think it so. Others may think it shit too, but that only means they have a similar perspective at that time.


Don’t show anger. Don’t get haughty. Be calm, disinterested, indifferent. Pause, think it through, then respond to suit my own personal situation. Not his.

Photo by Ian Robinson on Unsplash.

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