Stay frosty

From “The Daily Stoic“. 1 February, “For the hot-headed man”.

Keep this though in mind when you feel a fit of rage coming on – it isn’t manly to be enraged. Rather, gentleness and civility are more human, and therefore manlier. A real man doesn’t give way to anger and discomfort, and such a person has strength, courage and endurance – unlike the angry and complaining. The nearer a man comes to a calm mind, the closer he is to strength. (Marcus Aurelius)

Shit happens. Life is neither easy nor fair. Getting angry at life’s conniptions doesn’t make things better. Life doesn’t care what I think or do. It’s an infinite universe and life moves onwards, with or without me.

In any struggle, calm is low energy and anger is high energy.

Conserve energy. If the struggle is meaningful, use that energy to even things out or improve them. Best of all, be indifferent. Why should I even care?

Put my energy towards something meaningful. Win the struggles that matter to me, not to someone else.

My choice alone – I don’t have to operate outside my own agenda.

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